Relocation Tips

Have you heard stories of moving disaster?

It is important to undertand your mover’s quotation. If you make an uninformed decision…it could COST you! Read on for some useful moving tips that could save you a few headaches and a lot of money.

Stay Home

Stay home until the very last item is packed. Make a final inspection of the home before the van operator leaves. It is your resposibility to confirm that all of your goods are loaded.

Work with Your Movers

Be on hand when the movers arrive. If you are not able to be present while the movers are there, then designate an authorized person who will be there to take your place and answer any questions the movers may have.

Marking Boxes

Make sure to mark all of the items you intend to take yourself so that your movers do not load them. Also, mark your boxes with fragile stickers when needed and label them all with your name, a list of their contents and the room they will be delivered to in your new home.

Computer Equipment

Disassemble your computer system before your move. Back up all of your computer files onto removable media. In transportation there is a risk that exposure to extreme heat or cold could damage internal components. Keep your data safe.


Make sure that you fully understand the details of the estimate provided by your potential mover. If you do not fully understand any charges, guarantees or other details, please ask your move consultant to explain them for you. Moving companies and individual estimators present their services differently, and for specific reasons, always be sure to clarify.

Moving Information

Dates, addresses, phone numbers and contact persons should be given to the moving company at the time you book your move. It is common practice for a mover to require a 10% deposit in order to book you in. Beware of movers that ask for larger deposits. See your estimator for more details. FOR THE DO-IT-YOURSELFER (printable version) PACKING TIPS IF YOU PREFER TO DO YOUR OWN PACKING, HERE ARE SOME TIPS FROM USCANADAMOVING.COM. WE CAN SUPPLY SPECIAL CARTONS FOR A VERY NOMINAL COST, OR IF YOU PREFER WE CAN LOOK AFTER THE WHOLE THING FOR A LITTLE MORE. PLEASE ASK OUR REPRESENTATIVE TO GIVE YOU A SEPARATE PRICE ON PACKING. AS WE CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONDITION OF THE CONTENTS THAT YOU PACK, WHY NOT HAVE US PACK AND SAVE YOU THE WORRY.

  • Use containers that are clean and strong
  • Containers should have lids and be sealed with cord or tape
  • Don’t put too much weight in containers-someone has to lift them
  • Pack heavy items at the bottom and the lighter items on the top
  • Wrap all surface to prevent scratching
  • Use newspapers, towels, sheets, pillow and other materials for cushioning
  • Pack tightly to avoid shifting and rubbing of contents
  • Label each container with contents
  • Pack books in small containers
  • China and fragile items must be carefully packed. Wrap each item, and cushion between layers. Carefully mark each carton “FRAGILE”.
  • Foodstuff, medicines and toiletry bottles must be sealed to prevent spillage
  • Wrap kitchen utensils to prevent scratching. Pack as tightly as possible
  • Pack linen and clothing in chests or dressers. Do not overload furniture.
  • Pack lampshades individually to prevent crushing. Wrap in clean paper as regular newsprint will transfer on to your shade and leave marks.
  • Mark cartons needed for immediate use at your new home

Any questions about what should be packed and what should not be packed is located in your package. If not, please ask your representative. Have a question that isn’t answered on our website? Call us Today!