Replacement Protection Terms & Condition

Have you ever heard stories about moving disasters?

It is important to understand your mover’s quotation. If you make an uninformed decision……………….it could COST you!

Many Families want the peace of mind and advantages that additional protection offers. That’s why designed a Replacement Protection Plan for maximum coverage at an affordable price.

The Replacement Plan simply means that if the damaged item cannot be repaired to its original condition it will be replaced with a new one of like kind, quality and quantity at today’s market price (Some exceptions may apply on certain items). This protection is limited only by the amount of valuation you select. It is important, therefore, that you recognize and establish a realistic replacement value on all of your posessions.

Please ask your Estimator for complete details and pricing

Understanding Valuation is Important

Proper “Valuation” (Insurance) should be explained to you. You should be aware of how much coverage you are purchasing as well as your costs for that coverage. Beware of companies that represent the basic insurance (which is free), as full Replacement-Value Insurance. You may be paying for something you are not getting.

Make sure that you fully understand the details of the estimate provided by your potential mover. If any charges, guarantees or other details are not fully understood, please ask your move consultant to explain them for you. Moving companies and individual estimators present their services differently, and for specific reasons.


You are responsible for transporting items such as jewellery and important documents. Liability with respect to items such as photographs and similar objects is limited to the value of the film, CD’s, etc. No allowance will be made for items of sentimental value, as they do not have a cash equivalent amount. You are strongly urged, for your own protection to take these items with you.

Professional packing services can be a smart decision. Pictures, lamps, mirrors, china, crystal and other types of breakables are shipped at owner’s risk unless properly packed by your mover, AND unpacked. Damage to a customer packed carton during transit may allow a claim under certain conditions (see your estimator). The customer is basically responsible for any items that are self-packed.

Mechanical Damage

It is the shipper’s responsibility to make preparation arrangements before transit of items of a mechanical nature. These items include, but are not limited to, clocks, stereos, large appliances (washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, etc.) and any item which has mechanically moving parts. If these items are not properly prepared, damage can occur through no fault of the carrier. By simply asking your consultant, these servicing arrangements can be made on your behalf.

It is important to understand that the mechanical, electrical or internal workings of any electronics or equipment are exempt from valuation unless there is physical damage to the housing of the unit. If there is no physical damage, they would have to have been professionally inspected and serviced by a technician prior to the move and after move in. IN COLD WEATHER YOU MUST WAIT UNTIL YOUR ELECTRONICS WARM UP BEFORE PLUGGING THEM IN.

Assembled Furniture

There is a reason a lot of the furniture and appliances you purchase from the store is packaged in a box-it is the safest way to transport it. Your best bet is that if it came in a box it should probably be broken down to transport it safely. For example, all IKEA furniture should be disassembled. IKEA states in their catalogue that their furniture is sent out not assembled because it is the safest way to ship their furniture. If you choose to send your furniture still assembled, we will take the best care we can, but will not be responsible for any damage.

Restricted Items

Shipping of flammables, corrosives, explosives, and most liquids are not allowed. This includes but is not exclusive to paints, solvents, aerosol cans, gasoline, matches, butane or propane, lighter fluid, kerosene, bleach, liquid Drano, paint stripper, car batteries, acids, antifreeze, motor oil, propane and diving tanks, ammunition, flare, fireworks, chemistry sets, fire extinguishers, propane-powered cars, beer or wines.

Motor Vehicles, Etc.

Motor vehicles, trailers, boats & motors, campers, motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc. will have their value measured at current market value at origin on date of loading calculated as shown on the Vehicle Condition Report issued at the time of loading.

Extra Charges

Your mover may charge for additional services, if necessary, at origin or destination. These charges will be added directly to your Bill of Lading and are in relation to any extra pick-up and delivery addresses, shuttle fees, long carries, excessive stairs, elevator services, time waiting, disassembly or modification to dwelling for passage of owner’s goods, use of 3rd party contractors, or any other undisclosed physical or time expense incurred in the proper transportation and delivery of the customer’s goods.